Amber's Story

Amber Ruth Ripple was twenty-eight years old when she ended her earthly life following a life-long battle against mental illness. Amber, who lived in Stevens Point, WI at the time of her death, was the only child of Jodie Baacke and Henry Ripple, Jr. After her high school graduation, Amber attended the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point. During her college years, Amber studied Psychology, Anthropology, Dietetics and Health & Wellness Management in an attempt to find answers to what was troubling her in her mind. Additionally, Amber studied four foreign languages. In 2008, Amber earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Dietetics.

Following her graduation, Amber began a cleaning business which she named “Ripple Effect,” and whose business motto was For Your Home, For Your Business, For Your Lifestyle. Amber successfully hid much about her illness from her family and friends. She had several close friends, but had lost many others due to society’s stigma and their inability to understand Amber’s battle. Despite everything, she personally was going through, it was her dream to establish a safe haven for those who faced mental difficulties similar to hers. Amber’s Last Promise, Inc. was formed to continue to offer the relief Amber wanted to provide for people affected with mental illness. Mental illness is a disease and does not discriminate based on age, race, intelligence or wealth.

It is our goal to better the lives of those affected by all forms of mental illnesses by increasing public awareness to its devastating effects, eliminating the stigma too often attached to mental illness and supporting mental wellness of our communities. Specifically, we are committed to decreasing the number of suicides in America. Today eighty-nine individuals will commit suicide. We believe that suicide is preventable but we must work together. As such we are asking you to help us in our fight. We know that Amber would be so happy to know that, through you she is accomplishing her dream of helping those affected with mental illness. Her life meant a great deal to us, and we truly appreciate your involvement with the foundation.